Exercises to improve posture

. MAXIMIZE T-SPINE EXTENSION —– 🏋🏻‍♀️After performing t-spine mobility exercises, make sure you load the movement to maximize your gains. —– Try these: 1️⃣Overhead squat (with resistance) 2️⃣Goblet squat —– ⏳Keep weight light and focus on slow movement. Perfect time to use eccentric isometrics: 3-7 second lowering, 3-7 second hold at bottom. —– 🔥 Goal is to fire up those thoracic paraspinals muscles. For all those anatomy buffs 🤓 out there, this consist of the longisumus thoracis, spinalis thoracis, multifidi, semispinalis thoracis, iliocostalis, and iliocostalis thoracis. —– 💎 Bonus: these are tremendously beneficial for improving torso position at bottom of squats. —– 🎵 Coleman Hell – 2 Heads

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