Foot posture and ideal tie position

#Repost @thefootcollective ・・・ Solid post by @quaddoc ・・・ COULD YOUR SHOES BE HURTING YOU? Wrapping up with feet tonight let's talk about shoes. Now you might be wondering what is a "toe box"? It's the very front/top portion of your shoes where your toes go. So gather some of your 👞 shoes and 🔍examine your toe box on your favorite kicks. You might be surprised by what you find. . Ideally you want the toe box to be wide to give your 🐷 toes room to spread out to distribute your weight as you move throughout the day. When the toe box is too narrow this can lead to: . 👠blisters 👡corns 👢bunions . Do your 👣 feet a favor and be sure to invest in shoes that will be kind to your feet!!! Especially for those that spend a lot of time standing or walking around throughout the day. . Do your shoes have narrow toe boxes like the ones shown above? If they do, then this could explain some of your feet issues too. Good news is that it is a simple fix. Opt for shoes that give you SPACE. Be sure to work your foot muscles and spend some time walking around bare foot to allow your toes some 😥 air.

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