Beginner’s guide to fat loss dieting

🔴BEGINNERS GUIDE TO FAT LOSS DIETING🔴 – 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦There's a lot of stuff in the media and online about how to diet for fat loss. What foods to eat, when to eat, the supplements that can get you results super quick. – 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧There's 5 main principles to fat loss. This graphic shows all 5 in the order of importance, starting at the bottom. – 🐲I've said it loads of times before in posts, total calorie intake is crucial to fat loss success. You need to be in a calorie deficit to see fat loss results. Plain and simple. Start off by multiplying your bodyweight in lbs by 13 to find your calorie deficit. – 🗡After that, we've got macronutrients. This is protein, carbohydrates and fats. All of your calories will be made of a combination these 3 macronutrients. However, for fat loss, protein intake is most important of the 3. 1gram of protein per lb of bodyweight will get you started. – ❄Next up is the micronutrient content of your food. Obviously, for fat loss, you're not gonna be eating donuts and ice cream all day. The main focus of your food selection should be whole food, highly nutritious sources like lean meats, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, nuts, seeds and beans. – ☠That's not to say you can't have the odd treat here and there. You're only human. This should be a PART of your life, not your life. – 🤴Fourth on the list, is meal timing. My advice here is to have your meals when it works for you. When all the elements up to now are in check, you're on the right road. – 👑Finally, supplements. And the reason supplements are last on the list is because they should be the last thing you go to. If your calories, macros, micros and meal timings are off, there isn't a supplement out there that's gonna help. Focus on the basics first. – 🗺So there ya have it. Keep it simple. Get your calories sorted. Calculate your protein needs. Base your diet around whole foods packed with nutrients. Schedule your meals whenever works best for you. Once all that's in place for a couple months, then and only then should you look to supplements. –

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