About us

Aches Away Toronto is a Registered Massage Therapy, Osteopathy and Acupuncture clinic located in downtown Toronto. The Health professionals that work at Aches Away Toronto uphold the highest standard of treatment and are committed to providing the best standard of care possible.

Meet Faz Moosa RMT, Mariane Talbot RMT, Mamiko Tsuge RMT, Meghan Jensen RMT, Sarah Rennick RMT, Anna Sapershteyn RMT, Rebecca Moss RMT, Austin Norris CPT, Sara Hodgkinson RAc  and Rachel Gorman

Faz Moosa RMT

A therapeutically oriented Massage and Trigger Point specialist a.k.a Faz has a well honed radar for your knots and spasms. Read more

Mariane Talbot RMT

Years of studying the body in movement and posture blended into a knowing touch that heals. Mariane employs advanced Myofascial Release techniques, Orthopedic and Swedish massage therapies to release stored tension patterns caused by injury and posture dysfunction. Read more

Mamiko Tsuge RMT

A gentle touch with superior command of deep tissue massage techniques. Mamiko employs Swedish and Shiatsu massage therapies to work out tough muscle knots and pains.Read More

 Meghan Jensen RMT

A Massage Therapist with an aspiration to help people. She brings not only her Massage Therapy training but also her experience as a Master’s Student in Physiotherapy at the University of Toronto. Read More

Sarah Rennick RMT 

Sarah specializes in both therapeutic deep tissue massage and wellness treatments. She has successfully treated numerous sporting and overuse injuries, postural dysfunctions. Read more

Brittany Britton RMT

A deep tissue massage specialist with a Myofascial Release focus. Read more

Anna Sapershteyn RMT 

An RMT with a gymnastics and circus background providing strong and balanced Massage Therapy for aches and pains. Read More


Austin Norris Certified Personal Trainer, Posture Coach

A Posture and Exercise Specialist with a background in Personal Training and Yoga and Neurokinetic Therapy. Read More

Rachel Gorman

A Classical Osteopathic Practitioner offering a comprehensive treatment for your probem areas. Read More

Sara Hodgkinson

Registered Acupuncture for various health ailments including digestive issues, addiction control, pain management, cosmetic enhancement, emotional health and cupping therapy. Read More