Anna Sapershteyn RMT Toronto

Anna Sapershteyn RMT

Our bodies are with us for life, lets take care of them.  When we store tension due to stress, malfunction or injury our bodies move out of balance. Through massage and good self care we can aim to restore balance in the body and help our own natural healing processes to do their work.  My name is Anna Sapershteyn and I am a Registered  Massage Therapist,  Thai Masseuse and Yoga teacher.  My interest in healing and body mechanics have taken me to Thailand to study Easter traditions and back to Canada to continue through the Western allopathic model of healthcare.  My approach is holistic and focused of balancing the body to calm the mind and brighten the spirit. Clients needs are assessed individually and treatment plans are created according to shared goals.


  • Sutherland Chan Massage Therapy School (2400 hours)
  • The Lemon Tree House – Massage and Yoga (3 months)
  • Toronto General Hospital (24 clinical hours)
  • Bellwoods Park House, Central Nervous System (24 clinical hours)
  • Breast Massage (24 Clinical hours) Worked with a post surgical clients who presented with well adhered scars from lumpectomy and breast reduction surgery causing decreased range of motion through glenohumoral joint, edema and pain.
  • Thai Massage (6 years of practice)

Anna is available for treatments all through the week.

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