Keren Chen, Toronto Nutritionist and Coach

Keren is a nutritionist who graduated from the Nutrition and Food Science bachelor program at Ryerson University. She also holds the following certifications as a career CrossFit coach:

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Crossfit Gymnastics Trainer

Crossfit Strongman Trainer


Keren is a firm believer in individuality when it comes to living an authentic, high-performing lifestyle. Her approach to nutrition encourages clients to find what works for them rather than following cookie-cutter mainstream diets. As the co-founder of Intuition Nutrition, Keren has been able to help clients find success in weight-loss, muscle-gain, and a variety of sports performance oriented goals by combining the science of macronutrient calculation and eating whole foods. She has worked with Olympic weightlifters, CrossFitters, Fire Combat Competitors, and various other athletes to help them build muscle and increase performance.

Keren also teaches Intuition Nutrition seminars, which is a 3 part series that educates on the fundamentals of nutritional science, digestive health, and popular supplements. In addition, she organizes the 21 Day Renewal nutrition challenge, a group wellness challenge that offers an effective dietary reset to eat real food for 3 weeks.


In her down time, Keren competes in Olympic Weightlifting at the provincial level and enjoys writing for her fitness & wellness blog The Young ‘n’ Hungry (