Meghan Jensen RMT

A life long learner, Meghan brings to the massage table not only her skills as a Massage Therapist, but also years of experience as a yoga teacher, and the knowledge she is gaining as a graduate student in the Masters of Science in Physiotherapy program at the University of Toronto. All three disciplines are reflected in her approach to helping her clients.

Clients visiting Meghan for treatment for an injury or pain can expect to get a thorough assessment on the first visit. She will take the time to determine the problems to be addressed, as this is key to an effective, targeted treatment.

Meghan does not shy away from complex conditions or “complicated” clients. Her clinical experience and studies in Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy have given her experience working with cancer patients, patients with amputations, burns and surgical scars, and she has a particular interest in working with clients with chronic pain.

Meghan applies yoga principles to teach clients how to improve the way they move, breathe and deal with stress. And of course she believes strongly in the benefits of massage for relaxation and stress reduction. She often teaches mindfulness techniques that help her clients get the most benefit out of a relaxation massage.

Meghan excels in educating her clients about their condition, be it chronic/persistent pain, or acute and overuse injuries. Ultimately, she wants to empower her clients to take control of their wellness.