Rachel Gorman, Osteopathic Practitioner Toronto Downtown

Rachel Gorman MOMSc, is a Canadian trained Osteopathic Practitioner with the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and a Certified Yoga Teacher.

The Osteopathic philosophy towards health and well being is that the body is dynamic, and that the health and functionality of one area has a great effect on the health and functionality of all other areas.  

By always treating the whole body, Rachel is able to help unravel patterns of dysfunction and target root causes with great care and a gentle approach. Individual treatments are focused on the needs of a patient on a given day and follow principles of motion and mechanics in the body, and are therefore highly effective and very safe.

Osteopathic therapy is an effective treatment option for those suffering from any type of chronic discomfort or injury including low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, headaches or migraines, sciatica, nerve entrapment, painful menstruation, postural discomfort, digestive upset and stress.  

Rachel is a member in good standing of the OOA (Ontario Osteopathic Association).

*Insurance Receipts are issued for all treatments.


$120 / 60 minute Initial Intake

$80 / 45 minute Follow Up Appointment

$60 / 30 minute Follow Up Appointment

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