Rebecca Moss RMT

Rebecca graduated with an advanced diploma from The Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy.  She is passionate about integrating various different aspects of her knowledge from yoga, personal training, and Yoga Tune Up into her practice as a therapist.

Rebecca is passionate about maintaining a healthy body, and mind with exercise, nutrition, yoga, sleep and improving tissue health.  Her goal as a therapist is to educate and empower clients achieve optimal health and happiness through their experience at the clinic, as well as how it transpires and relates to their everyday life.

Rebecca grew up with a deep interest in running and cycling.  After sustaining tissue damage to her knee, Rebecca’s interested shifted from intense exercising to a less intensive, more dynamic and integrative lifestyle.  Rebecca also suffers from Crohn’s Disease which resulted in an abdominal surgery in 2014.  She has since found healing in visceral massage, yoga, and nutrition   Rebecca’s personal journey has greatly motivated her to pursue further education in applied sciences with one day becoming a Naturopathic Doctor.  She is able to relate to clients presenting with ailments that aren’t generally regarded in the soft tissue realm and is passionate about improving scar tissue, improving digestion, pelvic floor imbalances and abdominal visceral massage.

Rebecca believes strongly in assessing each client, working to achieve their desired goals and creating a plan that is personal and individualized to their needs.

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