Massage Therapy and Acupuncture Gift Certificates and Gift Cards

Fully Personalized Instant Gift Certificates for Aches Away Toronto Services can be purchased online through our Gift Certificate Store.

They can be emailed directly to the recipient or;

They can be emailed to you and then printed or emailed at a later date by you.

Gift Card policy

* We accept 2 types of Gift Cards and Certificates:

1. Aches Away Toronto Gift Certificates

2. Yelp Deals and Gift Cards for Aches Away Toronto

(Sadly, We do not accept Way-Spa gift certificates any more)

* Gift cards are non-refundable and may range in expiry from 1 year to lifetime use. (The law for gift certificates not having expiry dates applies only to gift cards that have a dollar value as opposed to a service)

* The legal requirement for receipts when paying with Gift Certificates is as follows:

” When the gift certificate is redeemed, a receipt for the dollar amount of the gift certificate is not issued. If the recipient of the massage wishes to receive a receipt, the dollar amount listed must be “gift certificate redeemed” with no dollar amount given.” Read more


A great way to take care of your loved ones!

If you have family, friends or colleagues who are in need of some help with their health and could use a deep healing massage session, consider purchasing a gift certificate for them.

Simply click on the link below, pick the amount you wish to purchase, pay with your credit card or paypal and an e-gift certificate will be mailed to you instantly.

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