Foot posture and ideal tie position

#Repost @thefootcollective ・・・ Solid post by @quaddoc ・・・ COULD YOUR SHOES BE HURTING YOU? Wrapping up with feet tonight let's talk about shoes. Now you might be wondering what is a "toe box"? It's the very front/top portion of your shoes where your toes go. So gather some of your 👞 shoes and 🔍examine your toe box on your favorite kicks. You might be surprised by what you find. . Ideally you want the toe box to be wide to give your 🐷 toes room to spread out to distribute your weight as you move throughout the day. When the toe box is too narrow this can lead to: . 👠blisters 👡corns 👢bunions . Do your 👣 feet a favor and be sure to invest in shoes that will be kind to your feet!!! Especially for those that spend a lot of time standing or walking around throughout the day. . Do your shoes have narrow toe boxes like the ones shown above? If they do, then this could explain some of your feet issues too. Good news is that it is a simple fix. Opt for shoes that give you SPACE. Be sure to work your foot muscles and spend some time walking around bare foot to allow your toes some 😥 air.

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Tennis Elbow: What is it and How to treat it.

Post 97: Tennis Elbow (1/3): Diagnosis – Tennis elbow, or Lateral Tendinopathy, is one of the most common issues arising at the elbow as it affects up to 3% of the general population each year. – However, it is important to receive a proper diagnosis as not all pain located at the outer part of the arm is tennis elbow. Let's look at five common ways to help determine a true diagnosis of tennis elbow: 1️⃣ Painful gripping, with or without maximal exertion. 2️⃣ Pain to touch or pressure within 1 centimeter of the lateral epicondyle (oftentimes the extensor carpi radialis brevis) 3️⃣ Pain when resisting 3rd finger extension 4️⃣ Pain when resisting wrist extension and radial deviation with a straight or bent elbow. 5️⃣ Pain when stretching the wrist extensors and finger extensors with a straight arm. – If you have pain with most of these tests, it's possible that you have "tennis elbow". If you're experiencing numbness, tingling, or weakness in the forearm or hand, nerve involvement may be more likely. – Follow along as the next two posts will teach you how to get rid of your pain for good!

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Post 98: Tennis Elbow (2/3): Calm Sh!t Down – I want to start by saying that none of the movements in the video are inherently bad. However, tennis elbow is generally considered an injury caused by gradual overuse. In order to calm sh!t down (via @greglehman), it's important to temporarily modify aggravating activities. Let's break down some movements that may be causing you discomfort and how you can implement modifications to improve your symptoms: 1️⃣ Push ups or pressing movements – if you have pain when your wrists are in an extended or flexed position, change your grip so your wrists stay neutral. 2️⃣ Pull ups or pulling movements – that pronated grip might be making your pain worse so give neutral or supinated a try. 3️⃣ Typing – people who adopt non neutral wrist positions at work generally have a poorer prognosis. Try placing a rolled up towel under your wrists to keep them level. 4️⃣ Texting – how do you normally text or use your phone? Does it cause pain? If not, don't worry about it. If so, change it up. 5️⃣ Gripping/lifting – if you continue to have pain when you're rowing, deadlifting, etc., try using lifting straps to give your forearms a break while you focus on truly pulling with your back musculature. – Comment below and tag someone who has been dealing with tennis elbow! The next post will show you how to Build Sh!t Back Up! See it first by following @basicmvmtpt

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Post 99: Tennis Elbow (3/3): Build Sh!t Back Up – After you've calmed sh!t down (see last post), it's time to build it back up! – Since tennis elbow is an overuse injury, you need to select the appropriate exercises to induce positive physiological adaptations so your body has the resiliency to withstand the stressors of lifting and daily activities. In order to do that, I'm going to break up this post into three sections: 1️⃣ Introduction: one of the best ways to reintroduce load to a painful region is through the use of isometrics as they can reduce pain, improve strength, and create positive nervous system changes. Pick a grip that works best for you and try squeezing an object for 30-60 seconds, 5 times per day. The goal is to keep the movement pain free, but slowly generate more tension as your tolerance to the movement improves. 2️⃣ Isolation: while incorporating the full body is important, it's also important to positively stress the localized tissue using controlled movements through heavy, slow resistance. Try performing this resisted wrist extension with your arm supported and elbow bent three times per week. You want to pick a weight that sufficiently challenges you for 3 sets of 15, but doesn't cause more pain than a 3/10. When the movement becomes easier and simultaneously less painful, it's time to bump up the weight. Treating tennis elbow is a marathon, not a sprint, so start light and progress gradually. 3️⃣ Integration: it is well documented that individuals with tennis elbow can also have issues with their shoulder, thoracic spine, neck, and even their nervous system! There is also a correlation between grip strength and shoulder function! Use the kettlebell exercises in the video or similar variations to initially challenge the elbow isometrically, while also building strength, resiliency, and proper movement patterns in the rest of the trunk and upper body. – Hope everyone liked this series! Tag someone who might benefit from this and comment below if you have any other thoughts! – Thanks @basicmvmtpt for the feature!

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Quadratus Lumborum QL stretch and release

GET RID OF LOWER BACK PAIN!!! [QL stretching protocol] . As I explained yesterday, a lot of times the Quadratus Lumborum muscle is responsible for your back pain! Here is a video I filmed with @isabel.lahela 👉🏼 3 variations to open up your QL muscle . BASIC – lean into the wall on a lacrosse ball. Move around and find the points of tension. 😵Once you find the spots, ease into them and hold for 10-30 secs 🤤 . INTERMEDIATE – place your hips on the wall and lean away from it and reach as far as you can. You should feel the pull in your muscles and NOT in your spine . ADVANCED – stand on a stool and drop your leg + 🖐🏼reach for the ceiling and feel the pull in your QL! This is a harder exercise that requires a step stool or something you can stand on! ⛔️ Make sure you hold on to something so you don't fall! 🤣 . When you do the exercises make sure you go slow and controlled! Feel the muscle stretch and come out of it. Don't hold for more than 4-5 secs. This is a dynamic stretch . INT/ADV – 3 sets of 10 reps and do both sides if you feel you need it. Odds are one side is tighter . DOUBLE-TAP ❤️ and TAG a friend with back pain!!! . #Myodetox #futureproofyourbody

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Scapular Stability exercise

*Often paired with a pec minor or upper traps release

*Often done first as a progression to pull ups

*Often done in a program to improve scapular rhythm in arm movements

Nothing like a good old #tbt to remind and motivate me to get my sh‼️t together! . Hanging Scapular Retractions are a great way to improve your pull-up game, strengthen the upper back (which would increase your bench press 😉), and are a great idea for prepping the nervous system before a pulling workout 💪🏼. . Full range of motion begins in the dead hang people, so don't cheat yourself! They challenge the ability to set your scapula from a hanging position. Try this out in your next workout 🏋🏼‍♀️and let me know how you get on! . DM📥EMAIL📧 or BOOK ONLINE 💻for your FST™ session! . #thestretchmumma #fst #fascialstretchtherapy #stretchtowin #SetItFreeWithFST #fascia #stretching #flexibility #mobility #crossfit #training #gym #lifestyle #fitspo #fitness #physique #exercise #muscles #strength

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