Osteopathy in Toronto for Pain, Pregnancy, Infants, Migraines, Fatigue, Chronic Illness and Stress

Osteopathic Therapy is a principles based approach towards assessment and treatment of the body that considers the interrelationships between all systems of the body. This includes soft tissue (muscles), hard tissues (bones), fluid mechanics and the neurovascular supply to all areas of the body. This type of therapy aims to restore balance in the body so that it has the ability to function at its greatest capacity.

The ‘pathy’ part of osteopathy has often been misinterpreted to mean disease (from bone). In fact it is more to do with pathos – sympathy with the bone, understanding its niche in the ecology of our being.

*Insurance Receipts are issued for all treatments.

$120 / 60 minute Initial Intake

$80 / 45 minute Follow Up Appointment

$60 / 30 minute Follow Up Appointment

We have two highly trained Osteopaths to treat you.

Rachel Gorman M.Omsc

Nicolas Commaret D.O.M.P

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