Every year thousands of Torontonians climb the CN tower to raise money for charity. It is a great sense of accomplishment also. People train hard, do their stretches, hydrate and get lots of sleep there night before. Yet, every year there are a score of people who get injured.

We see mostly ankle and knee injuries but also some low back injuries as all. Plantar facilities, Achilles tendinitis, Knee stains are some examples. Why does this happen?

There are several reasons but the number one is lack of mobility in the ankle or hip joint combined with poor muscle flexibility leading to faulty biomechanics. Add to this collapsed arches and improper conditioning and the likelihood of injuries skyrocket. Consider
1776 steps worth of weight bearing with improper technique… it can spell disaster for the most conditioned athlete.

Visiting a qualified Massage Therapist prior to your climb can be a good way to prevent or rule out some of these possible injuries from occurring. We can test each joint for mobility/stability, massage/stretch each involved muscle to increase flexibility/health and provide proper stair climbing technique – including core strengthening exercises that impact your ankle movements!

All the best for your training and see you at the top!

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