February 8


3 pains you must NEVER ignore

(Prelude to the Super nutrition conference by Yuri Elkiam)

Three weeks ago I tweaked my back doing deadlifts. Since then, I’ve spent more than an hour a day stretching, doing soft tissue work, and anything else to get my back back to normal. 
The injury was a blessing because it reminded me to focus a lot more on flexibility and suppleness on a regular basis. 
Pain from your body is a signal that something isn’t right. Are you listening to those signals?
Here, I want to share 3 pains you must never ignore.
1. Stomach aches
These are more often related to food intolerances. Figure out the problematic food(s) and your stomach pain literally goes away. 
I spent the early part of my life in constant digestive distress until I finally clued into this in my early twenties.
2. Joint paint (arthritis)
You’d be amazed at how much arthritic joint pain can be caused, once again, by food intolerances and sensitivities. Remove the foods and the pain goes away – or least becomes much more tolerable. 
Ginger, turmeric, and fish oil are 3 powerful anti-inflammatory foods that you should also consider consuming more of because of their pain-relieving qualities.
3. Chronic muscle soreness
Your body could be overly acidic and inflamed, which could be causing your muscles to constantly feel tight and sore, even if you don’t workout.
You can easily remedy this by moving more, doing flexibility work like yoga, and eating more alkaline foods.

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