November 16


Massage Therapists talk about the AcuBack for Neck and Back Pain


The Acuback Self Massage Tool is a personal favourite Therapists at Aches Away Toronto.

Here is what they have to say:

Sarah Rennick RMT

Great for helping with spinal alignment. My favorite thing though is the ability to heat it up. This allows the client to work into the muscles while getting the benefit of hydrotherapy which I most commonly suggest for back pain as is. I find most people also need repetitive work done in their spinal erectors and its perfect for that!

Rebecca Moss RMT

Portable, you can heat it, or cool it! Best Occipital release known to man kind!

Mariane Talbot RMT

The only Tool that offers massage and heat at the same time.

Mamiko Carreiro RMT


Anna Sapershteyn RMT

The Acuback is a versatile tool for releasing stubborn tension that our clients can use at home. Its portable and heatable. Its like a back and neck massage therapist in your pocket.

Faz Moosa RMT

One of the issues we find most in our practice is reduced Thoracic mobility. When this is present people overcompensate with their Neck and Low back – The 2 most common areas of complaint in our practice. Coincidence???

The Acuback is one of the best tools we’ve found to help improve Thoracic Mobility. Not just that, the Acuback is incredibly versatile and can be used virtually anywhere in the body where there is pain.


How To Relieve Pain In Your Neck With Dr Cohen’s Acuback – YouTube

How To Relieve Pain In Your Lower Back With Dr Cohen’s Heatable Acuback – YouTube


So there you have it. For Pain, For Posture, For Relaxation – We recommend the acuback. At your next Massage, ask your Therapist for a demo.


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