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Massage Therapy School Toronto Grad Advice [TOP 7]

Massage Therapy School Toronto Grads

Welcome to the profession. Read these nuggets of advice and make wise choices

Congrats on joining the best Profession in the world!

Here’s a list of tips that you may not have learned in Massage School in Toronto that will help you on your quest to be the best and most successful Massage Therapist that you can be.

Self Care

  • Figure out your max clients you can treat early on and stick to it, it can be tempting to treat a lot of people as a new grad but take care of yourself.
  • Stay active, get massage, Stretches, foam rolling, chiropractic adjustments… whatever that looks like for you… your body will thank you!
  • Take care of yourself – run, practice yoga, lift weights, whatever you need to do to ensure that your job is not the toughest thing you do physically.
  • Take courses that teach you how to effectively use your strength or teach you to also treat yourself: Cupping, Deep Tissue (will show you how to effectively use your strength)
  • Hot cold water flushing for forearm and wrist on the rough days. 
  • Work out a trade with a couple therapists and get routine massages.
  • Boundaries!! With clients, with family, with clinic owners.


  • Try and find a mentor, either in your clinic or anywhere who can help you troubleshoot cases or support you in your practice in any way (this was life changing for me in my first year)
  • Ask about mentorship programs in your interview.

Personal Development

  • Being self employed can be challenging as a new grad but be confident, network as much as possible and jump on opportunities.
  • Don’t invest your time building clientele in a location where you don’t want to stay long term. 
  • Your strength is going to take time to build (emotional protection, physical strength, mental capacity to do what you do), So will your practice.
  • Find a boss who knows treating the employees good will in turn create a great atmosphere of a clinic and therefore happy clients 
  • Each therapist is different and I find the clients don’t as much look for technique as they do personality.
  • Be straight up with clients and don’t be offended if you just don’t have that pressure to give and have to refer them to another therapist. 
  • Set your boundaries! Learn to say no. This is more important as you get busier and feel like you need to get every client in ASAP or when they want.
  • You’ll have slow days at work. Show up anyway. Stay your whole shift, no matter what. Brown bag your lunch. Stay put. Answer every call, greet every person you meet.
  • Remember that it takes time to build a clientele. Depending on your location and rmt saturation, it could take from 6 months to 2 years to be as busy as you wish to be.
  • What you put into your business, you will benefit from. Be patient, tenacious and confident. Don’t be a quitter.
  • Pace yourself in the beginning. Money is great and all after you have been a broke student for 2-3 years but what good is it if you burn out in 2 years because you decided to do 40 treatment hours a week from the beginning.

Accounting and Taxes

  • Find a great accountant. Learn about write offs, a bit of investing, HST/Taxes
  • Stay on top of your taxes. Prepare for paying taxes from day one!
  • Learn to properly save money for income tax, cpp, and emergency funds
  • Build a safety net in case of illness or injury (learn whether it’s better to opt into EI which you can’t opt out of, or take up a TFSA and/or savings account, and/or insurance policy) 
  • Have a separate bank account for your HST and other taxes. Put away at least 25% before you spend anything.

Skills Building

  • Be confident! Some clients will be uncertain about having a new grad, but your knowledge and skills are fresh and new…trust your assessment and treatment skills – you made it into the profession after all!
  • Know that you cannot make everyone happy, just do your best. 
  • Set limits of what you’re willing to do and how you want bookings scheduled, and respect those limits.
  • Know that you can’t be responsible for your patients’ health and well being. You’re just a very small piece of the picture.
  • Start researching additional modalities which will immediately add to your value as a new RMT, to make up for public perceptions of you being “new”.

Support the Profession

  • Be involved in community outreaches, ex. Fit Week at various schools. Purchase a seated massage chair/lightweight portable table and get into the community. 
  • Offer lunch hour massages to various corporations with massage insurance plans. Work hard to entice them to your business. Keep offering mobile services until enough patients attend your business. 
  • Attend CBN meetings. Make contacts, bring cards with you.
  • Join the RMTAO. Registered Massage Therapists of Ontario 
  • Participate in RMT groups in your area
  • Volunteer your time in places where you’re more likely to work with your ideal populations. NEVER AGREE to volunteer your massage services for free. If you do want to participate at a charitable event, make sure you contact your accountant to set up an invoice agreement and a decent contract. Make sure you get to keep a tab of any monies donation.
  • Don’t date anyone that doesn’t respect our profession. 
  • Actively engage and reach out to ask questions when needed! There is always someone who has been in a similar situation. Several Facebook groups exist for RMTs in Ontario. RMTAO, Ontario RMT Symposium and Canadian RMT News and Discussion

Practice Building

  • Have several interviews and decide based on how you feel in that environment. Not based on just the numbers. 
  • You want To be happy long term and enjoy your new profession with support from your work place! 
  • Building clientele and jumping from place to place because of making a quick decision doesn’t always work out. Ask to see the schedule. Many RMTS are being given false promises about how truly busy they are:(
  • Know your rights as an Independent Contractor versus being an Employee.
  • Don’t sign contracts without reviewing them at home, have a lawyer or paralegal help you understand what you’re agreeing to. See how contracts align with labour laws and cmto laws. Negotiate contracts. You have value.
  • Educate the public about your value. Describe your education, hands on hours, and most current education. Sell yourself.
  • Envision your practice and know what type of clients, how many hours you want to work, environment etc. Before looking for work. 
  • The market is good so be selective, you don’t have to take a job just because it’s offered. everything in writing! 

This list was derived from a Facebook conversation of experienced RMT’s from all over Ontario. I hope that you find these tips relevant to your quest to establish yourself as a premiere Massage Therapist in Ontario.

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