January 6


Week 1: UNLOAD Task 1:

Supercharge your Health


Look at and smell your food

At each meal, before you take your first bite

  • Inspect your food with your eyes. What do you see? Can you think about the colours and textures
  • Smell your food. What flavours can you make out? Is there something distinct or familiar about it? What does it remind you of?
Sara Hodgkinson, Movement Coach and Registered Acupuncturist explains the first task of the Supercharge Your Health Challenge.

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Why is this important?

If you thought your digestive system kicked in only once that first bite of food was popped into your mouth, you’d be mistaken. There’s a phase of digestion, called the cephalic phase, that promotes digestion to start, even before food enters your system. 

It has to do with your senses, and particularly, what you see and smell that prepares your digestive system for the meal that it’s about to receive. 

The sight of, and smell of food are an essential part of the digestive process; the signals that the eyes and nose receive stimulate the appetite centers of the brain, which then transmits signals to the stomach to say, “hey, there’s food on the way, get ready!”. 

This phase of digestion accounts for 20% of the stomach’s role in the digestive process. 

Today, be sure to look at and smell your food before you begin to eat. This can have a profound effect on your body’s ability to digest what you’re eating.

To your good health,

Team Aches Away

PS) You’re one day closer to making simple changes to supercharge your health!

PPS) Tomorrow we have another exciting health challenge for you – hint: it also involves a food task! 

This Challenge has been prepared by our Toronto Nutritional Therapist Vanessa Phillips. Video courtesy of Sara Hodgkinson: Our Acupuncturist for Digestion, Cosmetics, Pain and Anxiety

(complimentary for Patients of Aches Away Toronto)

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