January 7


Week 1 UNLOAD Task 2: Last Bite

We’re on to day 2.

Stop eating 3 hours before bed 

To achieve this:

  • Set a reminder for yourself about the time you want to go to bed tonight.
  • Now set another reminder three hours before that with the words, “LAST BITE!”
  • Lastly, set another reminder for 60-90 minutes before that to remind yourself to start thinking about dinner, or getting your meal prepared so that you have eaten before the next reminder sounds. 

It’s something you’ve likely heard over and over again: don’t eat too close to bedtime or you’ll put on weight. 

It’s not just weight gain that should trouble you about nighttime eating, or eating too close to going to sleep, but the overall impact it can have on your health. Research shows that large, mixed nutrient meals that are high in calories have a greater impact on health when eaten at night rather as opposed to having these types of meals earlier in the day. When tracking the calorie intake of a sample group in a study, there was evidence to show that those who continued to eat later into the night consumed far more calories, which came with an increase in risk for metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. 

For today, stop eating three hours before you go to bed, and take note of how it makes you feel tomorrow. 

Feel free to find out what other people in your facebook community group and youtube channel are doing and how they are addressing the challenge. 

To your good health, 

Team Aches Away

PS) Well done for completing your first task yesterday! Don’t forget to set that reminder for tonight’s task. 

PPS) Tomorrow you’ll discover something in your food that you should become more aware of to really supercharge your health! 

This Challenge has been prepared by our Toronto Nutritional Therapist Vanessa Phillips. Video courtesy of Sara Hodgkinson: Our Acupuncturist for Digestion, Cosmetics, Pain and Anxiety

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