January 13


W2: Hardware T6: Get… A Grip

What’s up Challengers!

Let’s waste no time getting into week 2 of your tasks that will help you to supercharge your health for 2020 and beyond.

This week kicks off with an interesting one…

But before we get into what to do, ask yourself this question: what do you think is one of the best indicators of overall health and longevity in humans?

Hmmm… that’s a tough one, isn’t it. There are so many variables!

Research shows that something to do with your hands can help to predict your overall risk profile of disease. What is it, you ask?

Grip strength

That’s why, today’s task is to start:

Strengthening your grip.

To do so, you can:

  • Use a hand exerciser
  • Start lifting weights at the gym
  • Pinch items in your fingers when carrying them, instead of using the whole hand
  • Ball your hands up into fists and then stretch out your fingers when you’re sitting idle, like in front of the computer or TV.

While testing your heart health, and digging into your other risk factors of disease, there may be a simple answer to what your overall health profile is at any age: your grip strength.

Research published by the renowned journal BMJ suggests that grip strength may be a simple a useful measure of helping people to predict their risk of future disease. There is a strong association between grip strength and heart health. Surprisingly, the association is even stronger than blood pressure levels and physical activity, explains the lead author of the study, which included data collected from more than half a million participants.

That’s some pretty strong evidence!

So, if you want better health, start strengthening your grip. It’s easy, yet so very valuable!

To find out what others are saying about how good this seemingly simple activity can be for your health, check out our Supercharge Your Health Facebook Group.

To your good health,

Team Aches Away

PS) You don’t need fancy equipment or expensive memberships to improve your health, strengthening your grip can be just as effective!

PPS) Tomorrow’s challenge may increase your overall sunny disposition!

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