January 21


W3: Software T12: Gratitude

Hi Everyone!

We’re getting closer; can you feel it?

Today’s challenge is about choosing to exchange one prominent emotion you may have for one you may not yet have considered to be of more benefit to you.

That’s why your task is to:


Even when we don’t do so consciously, we often focus on self-pity. For example, we may ask, “why is this happening to me”, or “I don’t feel well, why am I always sick?”. Dwelling on negativity in our lives can actually make the situation worse and leave us feeling even more lousy.

But you can change that.

For today, focus on things that you’re grateful for. Be it your job, your home, your life partner, or anything else that makes you thankful. It might help to jot down a note or two about each one, either in a journal or simply as a note on your phone.

A little gratitude can go a long way, and really boost your sense of health and mental well-being.

Being grateful can have a significant impact not only on your health, but your life in general.

When you can find elements in your life that you can be thankful for, focusing on the good instead of the bad can transform how you feel.

Research shows that those who give thanks experience fewer bouts of illness and less pain than people who don’t practice gratitude. And it’s not surprising that those who do practice gratitude, generally look after their health better than those who don’t. For example, there’s evidence to suggest that they exercise more regularly and go for medical check ups more frequently than their less grateful counterparts, and this contributes to better health and well-being.

When you exercise more gratitude to other people, it can also improve your own life. It has been shown in research that those who express gratitude are also more likely to express more pro-social behaviours and they have more kindness and empathy towards others. This also translates into less aggressive behaviours which is not only good for society, it’s good for you as an individual.

Being grateful for the things you have in your life can also:

  • Improve sleep quality
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Increase your emotional acuity and strength
  • Improve resilience to stress

Just a few moments taken every day to think about and focus on being thankful for all that you have that’s good in your life can go a long way to improving it overall.

Let us know in the comments below how an ‘attitude of gratitude’ has transformed you.

To your good health,

Team Aches Away

PS) Showing gratitude to others and saying thank-you to them can also be of great benefit; it can open the door to better relationships, which can improve your health in the long run.

PPS) Get ready to jot down some facts for tomorrow’s task!

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