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About our OSTEOPATH Team

Treating complex conditions with deep learning and subtle skill

Blandine Chambonnier

Osteopath DOMP

Gymnastics and Dance Performance
Sports Injuries
Pregnancy Support
Chronic Pain

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Robin Guillen

Osteopath DOMP

Sports Injuries
Chronic Pain
Injury Recovery
Post Surgical

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Kam Singh

Osteopath Student

Pain Relief
Stress and Anxiety
Injury recovery

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Aches Away Toronto ACUPUNCTURE Team

Deep Deep Relaxation and Pain Relief at the Root level

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Aches Away Toronto NATUROPATHY Team

Friendly, Knowledgeable Doctor’s with a focus on Fertility, Hormones and Periods

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Aches Away Toronto COUNSELLING Team

Practical yet Patient, Perceptive and Understanding, Welcome to Psychotherapy Toronto.

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Our Toronto Psychotherapy Clinic prioritises clarity, purpose and solutions

Aches Away Toronto NUTRITION Team

Clean eating, weight loss, therapeutic diets

Mallory Aldred


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Vanessa Phillips

Functional Nutritionist

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