***Please Note: Austin Norris is no longer working at Aches Away Toronto Massage Therapy. He is still available for appointments offering posture assessments in various locations in Toronto. Please contact him directly at: austin@primalmotion.com.

Specializing in massage therapy, corrective exercise, prescription for posture & injury recovery, Austin is available to address your unique needs. Austin’s passion for movement and manual therapy manifested from his personal struggle with injuries, poor posture, and chronic pain. Since his love for extreme sports significantly impacted his quality of life by age eighteen he felt compelled to find an answer to his body’s ailments that would allow him to continue adventure seeking and defying gravity. Since then, he has spent the last ten years studying various forms of movement and manual therapy to rehabilitate his body and help others do the same. His practice integrates elements of corrective exercise, functional conditioning, yoga, massage, and manual therapy to rehabilitate the body and master movement as nature intended.


Austin works with a wide range of patients from performance artists and athletes to patients with chronic pain or postural syndromes, and elderly patients who want to maintain an active lifestyle. Austin prides himself in being a “generalist”, not a “specialist” in the healthcare industry. His practices integrates various elements of clinical assessment, movement, manual therapy, functional neurology, and lifestyle coaching. This integration of various knowledge systems allows him to take a holistic approach to rehabilitation and human performance.

Austin offers continuing education workshops for yoga teachers, RMT’s, and movement professionals. His corrective exercise, injury prevention, and posture workshops have been integrated into several Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Austin has also taught in England, Turkey, and Costa Rica.


Austin’s participation in Toronto’s performance arts community has allowed him to treat and train many professional performance artists including National Ballet dancers, professional acrobats, and circus performers. He is excited to continue tailoring his services and workshops to this community.

Austin enjoyed his work as a research assistant for John Griffin (author of Client Centered Exercise Prescription) for his Functional Mobility Screening in Adults 50-70 Years of Age project. Austin has spent a lot of time since then working with seniors to improve their quality of life through movement and manual therapy.


Austin successfully attended the  Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy and currently holds the following credits: College Diploma of Massage Therapy received August of 2017, he is a member of good standing with The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, and is a member of the Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario.

To earn his Advanced College Diploma of Fitness & Lifestyle Management in June of 2010, he attended George Brown College. During this time, he graduated on the Dean’s list with academic achievement awards in: Kinesiology, Muscle Physiology, Exercise Physiology, & Client Centered Exercise Prescription. He also has experience as a research Assistant for John Griffin (GBC Professor & Author of Client Centered Exercise Prescription) for his Functional Mobility Screening in Adults 50-70 Years of Age project.

The Yoga Sanctuary Education provided him with the following training opportunities: Arm & Hand Balancing with Karen Cove (10 Hours) in December 2013, Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training with Cynthia Funk (15 Hours) in November 2013, Experiential Anatomy with Sue Ravazzolo (20 Hours) in September 2013, 250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in May 2013.

To add to his extensive training he is involved with CHEK Institute Education through the following seminars: CHEK Practitioner: Level 1 currently in progress, Advanced Program Design in 2013, Equal But Not The Same: Considerations For Training Females in 2013, Scientific Shoulder Training in 2011-2012, CHEK Exercise Coach in March 2012, Scientific Back Training from 2011 to 2012, Scientific Core Training from 2011 to 2012, Program Design from 2011 to 2012, and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach in October 2011. He received the following training with ELDOA: SomaTraining Institute Education (Guy Voyer), and Level 3 from March to April 2018. He has also attended courses in Segmental and Analytical Strengthening of the Abdominals and Thoracic Diagphragm followed by Segmental and Analytical Strengthening of the Lower Limbs (2018).

His training in manual therapy includes: P-DTR: Foundations (Aug-Nov 2018), NeuroKinetic Therapy: Level 3 – Oct 2014 (Level 1), Feb 2015 (Level 2), Dec 2017 (Level 3), Functional Integrated Therapy: Fascial Abrasion Technique in April 2011, Functional Integrated Therapy: Performance Taping in Oct 2010, Eldon Z. Wingay: NeuroFlex Balancing in 2011 to 2012. Training for Movement Therapy & Fitness: Exercise Is Medicine Canada Certified in March of 2016, Thomas Myers: Anatomy Trains In Training in May 2013, Paul Gagne: Test It, Fix It – Applied Posturology in May 2012, Scientific Flexibility Training: PNF Stretching in May 2012

Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology: Certified Personal Trainer in March 2010,

Kettlebell Training Specialist: Level 1&2 – Nov 2008, Can-Fit Pro: Personal Training Specialist in  August 2007. He is also currently CPR & Standard First Aid certified and renewed annually since Oct 2006.


A born entertainer, Austin loves music and he loves to dance. Austin expresses his love for movement and music through the circus arts: aerial acrobatics and fire flow arts (fire dancing). When he is not hanging upside down or tearing up a dance floor, he enjoys travelling, rock climbing, studying psychology, and cooking up a storm.

Check out what else he’s up to at: https://primalmotion.com/bio