Robin Guillen DOMP

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Robin Guillen

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Robin is an experienced Toronto Osteopath practicing at the Osteopathy Clinic at Aches Away Toronto. He has gained professional experience with treating sport injuries, digestive issues, stress/anxiety, TMJ disorders and headache/migraines. Robin’s treatments are covered by most extended health benefits under Osteopathic Care.

Robin graduated from the 5 year ISOsteo Lyon program with a Masters Degree in Osteopathy. ISOsteo is one of the oldest and most respected Osteopathic schools in France. Since 2015, Robin has been a practicing Osteopathic Manual Practitioner in France and now in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Quest to Understand

Robin has always been interested in studying health, and the holistic philosophy of osteopathic manual therapy aligned perfectly with his idea of what healthcare should be. He is passionate in his quest to understand the human body and its workings and how osteopathic treatments can influence this complex interactive system.

He prides himself in taking the time to listen to his patients and assessing them in order to understand their individual needs. Thanks to his knowledge, he uses many different osteopathic techniques to better respond to patients’ needs. It allows him to find the origins of the problem in order to encourage the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Techniques and Specializations

He specializes in a variety of treatment to be able to adapt my treatment to the patient however his top three treatments are cranio-sacral, visceral manipulation and articular techniques.

He gains satisfaction from having patients tell how much better they fell after experiencing his treatments. He is very passionate about treating each client specifically to their needs and strives to make a positive impact with each treatment. 

He has gained professional experience with sport injuries, digestive issues, stress/anxiety, TMJ disorders, headache/migraines.

Professional Osteopathic Memberships

ODM: Ostéopathes Du Monde
So.Ca.T.O: Société Canadienne pour la Tradition de l’Ostéopathie
S.O.C.: Society of Osteopaths of Canada

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