Sara Hodgkinson R.Ac Registered Acupuncturist

Acupuncture saved Sara from the snowballing effects of an autoimmune disorder when she was young and believes in the practice so much she knew it would become her life’s work. Sara’s specialty is in the use of acupuncture to treat women’s health issues and to aid in pain management.


Sara shares, “I suffered from an autoimmune disease as a child which lead to a cascade of health problems later in life.” Understanding pain during her formative years gave Sara unique insight into the limitations of chronic pain, but found the therapeutic power of acupuncture.

“When I was 12, my mother took me to an acupuncturist and it helped immensely. After that, I knew I wanted to help others in the same way.” From that point, her focused goal lead her to earn multiple certifications and an advanced understanding of treatment therapies available through the practice of acupuncture.


Sara is happy to proclaim that there is no real ‘typical client’ since she says, “I treat all sorts!” She definitely has a passion for helping women regulate their menstrual cycle and to help the healing process in the postpartum period. Additionally, she enjoys helping people with chronic pain, especially headaches, and migraines, as acupuncture is so effective in treating such conditions. “I’m a big fan of gut health and love to help my clients improve their digestion. It has such a cascade effect on mood, cognition, and energy. It’s a delight to see such changes take place!” Her enthusiasm for the varied aspects of health make her holistic approach a natural one.


As an acupuncturist, Sara sees patients who endure symptoms that lack simple solutions and works to determine root causes of illness. She remembers two memorable cases to share the healing power of acupuncture. One case involves a woman with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) who had not had a regular period in over two years. When she started treatment, “We began working together on a weekly basis, and after a month she was menstruating again. After 3 and 1/2 months, she was having regular periods.” Consistent effort and the appropriate methods allowed this patient to regain healthful functioning.

Another young male patient was working in a highly stressful field in job that required long hours. He was worried he might have a serious digestive issue and had an appointment to be tested for Crohn’s later that month. This is when Sara recommended treatment with Gua Sha, which is a moving technique similar to cupping. “His back came up in a deep purple Sha (redness brought up by the treatment), which is a sign of Qi and Blood stagnation. Within two treatments involving Gua Sha and needles, his energy had improved and he was no longer experiencing the digestive upset which he came in experiencing.” Again, finding the right corrective method required a holistic approach and allowed this young many to find ways to reverse stress.


Sara obtained her bachelor of Health Sciences in Acupuncture March of 2013 from Endeavour College of Natural Health and a Certificate IV in Swedish massage issued December 15th, 2010 from Endeavour College of Natural Health. Other certifications include Level I Mikio Sankey Esoteric Acupuncture Certificate issued July 3rd, 2013 and a Level II Mikio Sankey Esoteric Acupuncture Certificate issued November 23rd, 2013. She has applied her skills during seminars such as the 14-hour Acupuncture for Pregnancy & Obstetrics with Debra Betts which issued her a certification on May 31st, 2015, a 14-hour Acupuncture During Labour & Delivery Level 1 with Claudia Citcovitz issued November 8th, 2015, and another 14-hour seminar for Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture Protocol with a certificate issued November 22nd, 2015. Her experience also includes a 4 day in-hospital intensive course with Claudia Citcovitz at Lutheran Medical Centre Obstetric Ward, Brooklyn scheduled for February of 2016.



In her downtime, you can find Sara testing her limits by rock climbing or lifting–a newly discovered passion. She follows her active pursuits with a healing hot bath and a glass of red wine. Sara, a devoted plant mum, says, “I have become an avid amateur mushroom farmer recently” as a new way to learn to love the outdoors.

The only thing she doesn’t find natural about her career? She shares with a smile, “Adjusting to small business practices! I am a passionate practitioner and a terrible accountant.” Sara is happy to meet new clients and looks forward to see how acupuncture can remedy all that ails you.

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