Faz Moosa RMT

Faz Moosa started feeling not so great in his late 20’s. He decided to just shrug it off, exercise and power through it. The headaches became migraines, the restless sleep become full blown insomnia and the stiffness in the back became hard unrelenting knots. 

After failing to get help from the conventional medical system, Faz finally decided to take control of his own health and started learning and applying the basics of natural health. He discovered some incredible ‘Health Blockers’ in his body that were destroying his lif.: An airway obstruction caused by a tongue tie was leading to massive clenching and grinding, An Oxalate sensitivity was causing pain in his joints and a little childhood trauma was creating emotional dysregulation.

Piece by Piece he was able to address all the dysfunction and become healthy again. And he decided to help others who struggle do the same. 

Aches Away Toronto started 10 years ago as a single part time practice. It has grown to a full integrative health clinic with 15 health professionals and has won several awards over the years.

Aches Away Toronto Massage Therapy Timeline

Our Philosophy

  • We are a collection of health professionals who aim to integrate the most effective conventional and complementary treatment protocols in a compassionate and professional space.
  • We don’t surrender easily. We work diligently and intelligently to find practical solutions to your condition. We don’t assign fault. We simply collaborate with you to create the best possible outcome.
  • We affirm that both optimal health and dysfunction in the body are a function of your Biological, Psychological and Physiological (Mind, Body, Spirit) state. As such we examine the whole person rather than just your symptoms.
  • We are dedicated to improving your health. We commit to not being lazy in this endeavour and continue to learn and grow as health professionals throughout our career.
  • We understand that you are placing your trust in us. We pledge to to hold ourselves to the highest professional and ethical standards and we strive to exceed your expectations in all facets of your relationship with Aches Away Toronto.

Our Health Professionals

Dr Jennah Miller IMG

Dr Jennah Miller

Naturopath Doctor

dr steve

Stevie Atkins

Registered Psycotherapist

Anna Sapershteyn Toronto

Anna Sapershteyn

Registered Massage Therapist


Kevin Joubert

Registered Acupuncturist


Robin Guillen

Osteopath Practitioner

jen img

Jennifer Johnson

Registered Massage Therapist


Andy Dube

Registered Massage Therapist

Grace Lee RMT

Grace Lee

Registered Massage Therapist

RMT Faz Moosa

Faz Moosa

Regisetered Massage Therapist

Osteopath Holly Donaldson

Holly Donaldson

Osteopath Practitioner

Julie Bradstreet RMT

Julie Bradstreet

Registered Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist Amy Liggett

Amy Liggett

Registered Massage Therapist

Our Location

Aches Away Toronto Massage Therapy

2 Carlton St. Suite 707

Toronto, ON, M5B1J3


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