Acupuncture for Fertility, Menstrual Pain and other Womens Issues

The media has recently put a spotlight on acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine’s (TCM) role in increasing fertility rates for IVF patients. From a TCM perspective, your acupuncturist will be identifying imbalances of your energetic systems in order to create the optimal environment for conception, gestation and birth.

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From a western medical perspective, acupuncture looks to balance the body’s hormonal systems (endocrine, immune and nervous) to promote conception. Coupled with lifestyle and dietary recommendations, your acupuncturist will create an individualized treatment plan to optimize your work with your fertility care team.

However, acupuncture can do more for women’s health besides improve fertility. Treatments can help to regulate menstrual cycles, reduce menstrual pain and other PMS symptoms.

There are a variety of gynaecological health issues with which
acupuncture can help. The World Health Organization recognizes the therapeutic effect of acupuncture for polycystic ovarian disorder, hypo- ovarianism, premenstrual syndrome, pelvic pain and pelvic floor disorders. Acupuncture is highly effective at reducing the quality of pain: the intensity, duration or frequency.

For best results, it is recommended that treatment for menstrual conditions last 3 cycles, roughly three months. This gives the body time to fully integrate the treatments.

Acupuncture’s positive effect on regulating the various hormonal systems of the body means that women in perimenopause and menopause can benefit from treatment too. Perimenopause can occur as early as your 30s or 40’s and it is related to the decrease estrogen production of the ovaries and can result in irregular cycles, lower libido, vaginal dryness and fatigue.

Some common menopausal symptoms that acupuncture can help address are: hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety/depression, fatigue, headaches/migraines & mood swings.

Many women endure or simply tolerate the pain or the various symptoms because they believe it to be normal. The truth is that many women’s health issues are common which has shifted the cultural perspective of what is considered “normal”. Your acupuncturist is highly trained to address your unpleasant symptoms by looking at the root cause of the imbalance and to encourage your own body’s natural system of healing. Acupuncture is empowering: allowing every woman to feel healthy and energized to fully engage in all the life has to offer.

Acupuncture is offered in Toronto by Sara Hodgkinson R.Ac and Kevin Joubert R.Ac

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