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Once a national competitive gymnast for Canada and a Level 1 gymnastics coach, Anna has a special interest in treating clients who engage in physically demanding pursuits. Her passion for healing and understanding body mechanics has led her to Thailand to study Eastern traditions.

In her treatments, Anna has melded traditional Eastern philosophy with the Western allopathic model of healthcare. Her holistic approach focuses on balance, by calming the mind and healing the body.

The Gift of Insight

Anna knows that our bodies are with us for life and she aspires to help others take care of the gift of health. She knows that when we store tension due to stress, malfunction or injury, our bodies move out of balance.

Through massage and good self care we can aim to restore balance in the body and help our own natural healing processes to do their work. She says the opportunity to work with patients one-on-one has allowed her to: 

appreciate working with people where they are at” and “it is a gift to earn a living by getting in tune with someone’s body and supporting the healing process.

Health limitations caused by office settings

Anna’s typical clients are young professionals bound to a desk for hours, hunched in unnatural positions. Although they may work out, their bodies have developed dysfunctional positions from sitting for most of the day.

Because they are in their heads all day, I try to inspire them to tune into their bodies and help them release tension.

Integrating Thai and Swedish Massage techniques is a wonderful way to put patients at ease who sit in office chairs all day. With therapeutic exercises and craniosacral work, Anna has a special interest in treating post operative clients or women experiencing pregnancy related limitations. She like educating her clients about massage and the body and says that “helping my clients bring new awareness into their bodies” is a rewarding experience.

Finding the right health solution

Anna’s appointments include an assessment focused on the client’s needs and an individually created treatment plan.

Her Background

Always interested in physically challenging and healing work, Anna trained as an advanced yoga instructor by meeting rigorous 300 hour standards for the practice. Her yoga training includes experiences during 2006 including Chakra yoga in Thailand and Thai Massage in Wat Po, Thailand. Along with her coaching background as a  Level 1 gymnastics coach, she maintains a CPR Red Cross certification as well as certifications in Level 1 Craniosacral techniques, Reiki Level 2 techniques, and became a Sutherland Chan Graduate in 2013 as a registered massage therapist (RMT).

She has had placements in many settings including Toronto General Hospital (24 clinical hours), Bellwoods Park House: Central Nervous System Patients (24 clinical hours). She also has a background in breast massage (24 clinical hours) when she worked with post surgical clients who presented with well adhered scars and pain from lumpectomy and breast reduction surgery.

She pulls the strings

Come in and meet with Anna, who jokes that while her greatest career challenge may be getting to work on time, she is passionate about her profession. In her spare time, Anna is a multi-talented lover of nature who has planted over one million trees into Canadian soil, no joke.

She loves theatrical pursuits including dancing, and singing, but also enjoys bringing it down a notch when she reads, and drafts plays or other creative writing for fun. A clown at the best of times, she makes a lot of different wearable art, is a professional clown puppeteer and has also read Tarot for twenty-one years.

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