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Aches Away Toronto Therapy Counselling Services at : Are you dealing with a problem that family or friends are not able to help you overcome? Are you struggling to get past something that is troubling you? Are you feeling off balanced or in need of some support?  Come experience the transformative power counselling can offer. Our therapy counsellor, Stevie Atkins, RP (Registered Psychotherapist), will serve as your compassionate, objective ally in addressing and working through your issues, so you can get back to thriving again.

Stevie Atkins Psychotherapist in Toronto

Stevie’s Approach to Counselling

Relationship building:

is at the core of Stevie’s approach. Prepare for an active, collaborative partnership as you explore your personal history with an active listener who can help you identify some of the limiting and motivating factors that have impacted your life. In looking backward to move forward, learn how you can take active steps to expand your capabilities and overcome the issues you face. Learn more about Stevie

Appointments with our Aches Away Toronto Therapy Counsellor

Free 20-Min Phone Consult – Let’s connect. This consultation will serve as a starting point for your relationship with our counsellor. It is important that you feel comfortable and this free consult gives you the chance to connect with Stevie, ask questions and discuss the process. There is no obligation to book an appointment afterward if you decide you are not quite ready– the choice is always up to you.

This 75-minute session is required for all new clients. This session will include a thorough intake process focusing on immediate concerns of your mental health, short- and long-term goals for treatment, and a detailed review of relevant history.

This 50-minute session can be booked as an ongoing basis as indicated by your counsellor’s plan for your treatment or as needed. These sessions will build on previous therapy sessions to promote and sustain your growing sense of control.

Take the first step towards gaining control

Your 20 minute complimentary consult

Aches Away Toronto Psychotherapy Counselling Areas

Anxiety – When worries are too powerful.

If constant worry, panic or fear is impacting your life, a partnership with a therapist can help you face the situations that lead to anxiety symptoms. Anxiety treatment can teach you how to minimize your anxiety level, control troubling thoughts, and take hold of your fears. By exploring root causes and incorporating cognitive and emotional strategies we can help understand the fear and give you the support to work through it.

DepressionMore than just sadness

It is normal to feel sad from time to time, but if you are experiencing feelings of despair, emptiness, loss of pleasure or motivation, changes in appetite, negative thinking and/or social withdrawal, talking to a counsellor can help. Depression is more than feeling down, it can bring feelings of hopelessness and guilt. This supportive service focuses on exploring root causes of low mood while implementing cognitive behavioural strategies to help you work through depression.

Relationship Issues – Open lines of communication

Relationships are foundational in our lives, but that doesn’t mean they are easy. Problems in our close relationships, can lead to damaging patterns of behavior and unhealthy interactions elsewhere in our lives. No matter the cause, addressing the core problem can help you learn to redefine the intimate relationships that concern you. Focus is placed on exploring your unique relationship dynamics and give you tools to cultivate deeper connection, effective communication and greater feelings of safety.

Prenatal and Postpartum Counselling: It’s not your fault

Parenthood can be an exciting time with many changes occurring physically, socially and emotionally. It can also bring feelings of vulnerability and overwhelm. Adjusting to your new role and changing family dynamics is not easy, even during a non-complicated pregnancy. Our one-on-one sessions will focus on supporting you during this transition through evidence-based approaches that help process your unique experiences or challenges. Together, we will co-create strategies to help manage your symptoms and get your emotional wellbeing back on track.

Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Support

It doesn’t matter when it happened, trauma can cause us to relive painful memories over and over again and we can feel stuck. If you are experiencing symptoms of trauma, the decision to talk to someone can feel scary. That’s why great care is taken to make sure you feel safe and in control during session. Using evidence-based techniques, sessions will focus on helping you understand the effects of trauma, manage symptoms and process your experiences safely and therapeutically, so that you can move from “surviving” to thriving again.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation – Let go of your tension

Life can be stressful and sometimes it feels like we can’t keep up. While stress itself isn’t a bad thing – in fact, it’s a normal response to positive and negative life events – the way we deal with it can impact our physical and mental wellbeing. Prolonged stress can leave us feeling anxious, sad, and experience issues with sleeping, digestion and productivity. Through exploring the physiological and psychological aspects of stress, identifying underlying causes we can help you develop coping strategies to help manage more effectively. Mindfulness based techniques may be incorporated to help facilitate feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Anger Management Regain control of emotion

This service is designed to help you develop skills to manage intense emotions and work through anger issues. If you find the overwhelming and intense outbursts related to your anger responses have become uncontrollable, it is time to learn how you can maintain composure during otherwise upsetting situations. Our counsellor can work with you to design a plan to manage the physical arousal and control your reactions in healthful ways. Sessions will focus on exploring physical and psychological components of anger, recognizing triggers, and introduce adaptive ways to cope through a cognitive behavioural approach.  

Take the first step towards gaining control

Your 20 minute complimentary consult

Frequently Asked Questions

Aches Away Toronto Therapy Counselling questions and answers.

How do I know if counselling is right for me?  

Everyone responds differently to counselling therapies, but when you find a counsellor you can trust you will be more willing to share information that can lead to successful treatment approaches. Because relationship building is a process that takes time, Stevie Atkins will work with you at a pace you find comfortable to develop a treatment plan in partnership with you.

What happens during a session?

At your first session with Stevie, she will ask about what has brought you in for counselling and identify initial goals. Subsequently, we will examine thoughts, emotions, and behaviour patterns that continue to be problematic. We will work towards building ways of coping so you can deal with problems more effectively. As your needs change, we will re-examine your goals and treatment choices as necessary.

How many sessions will I need?

That depends on the issue and the individual. Stevie will be happy to discuss the number of sessions that may be expected for the goals that you have, and ways to make treatment as efficient and effective as possible.

How long are sessions?

Initial intake session are 75-minutes and follow-up sessions are 50-minutes in length.

What about patient confidentiality?

Confidentiality is key to a respectful relationship with a therapy client. The ethical codes of psychologists and counsellors demand strict guidelines to ensure your private information is never shared without your permission, except in the case of rare circumstances (for instance, if ordered by a court, or if you disclose you might hurt yourself). We discuss confidentiality practices with you so you can make informed decisions.

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