Functional Medicine approaches to Health Optimization

Health Optimization
Functional Medicine approaches to Health Optimization

Health optimization starts from within. 

Whether you’re just looking to age better or live better, Aches Away Toronto has something for everyone.

With health optimization therapies, you can crush those bad habits, or simply learn how to put your health first. Using an individual approach and a Functional Medicine model, our health optimization practitioners can give you the most valuable insight into your current health and provide you the tools you need to boost your quality of life. 

We offer tailored and personalized approaches to any of your health needs to take your current health from good to great. If you simply want to:

  • Optimize your nutritional status
  • Discover more foods and nutrients that may further improve your health
  • Unravel your genetic information to personalize your diet and lifestyle to your genes
  • Optimize your sports nutrition
  • Implement body hacks to target specific areas of your health
  • Learn more about interventions that have an impact on living longer and living well
  • Optimize your weight and boost your lean muscle mass
  • Quit smoking to bust any other bad habits 
  • And so much more

Age in health, live in health!

Biohacking has become a buzzword in recent years.

It’s a concept also referred to as do-it-yourself biology, where one uses everyday interventions that have a drastic effect on body function, are utilized in certain ways to promote optimal physiological processes to take place within the body.

What does that all mean?

Well, from using plant compounds, to heat- or cold-shock, intermittent fasting, sleep and exercise, variables, when used in a specific manner, have the ability to get the body’s cells to work in an optimal way. By doing so, it can promote longevity and improve health- and life-span.

Biohacking can have a profound effect on the brain and body by boosting mitochondrial function; the tiny but all-powerful battery-packs of every cell that generate energy used in every process of the body.

Health Optimization: Your life, your way

The best thing about Health Optimization at Aches Away Toronto is that each and every program we offer is tailored exactly to you and your needs. 

Are you ready to look and feel your very best despite adding another candle to your birthday cake each year? 

Our health optimization team is here for you. 

Nutritional Therapy: Diet hacks and personalized nutrition principles can help you to improve your already good health status. Discover how to use food to your advantage and let it be the reason you keep yourself in the driving seat of your health. With therapeutic dietary advice for weight management principles, body weight composition challenges or muscle building/maintenance, most of which rides on the appropriate nutrition to succeed. We also offer genetic testing to help you to further individualize your dietary requirements to match your genes. 

Massage Therapy: Whether it’s pre- or post-race, in preparation for or after a competition, rehabilitation of an injury, recovery from an event or general maintenance, the art of sports massage and corrective exercises can be incorporated into a tailored program that specifically suits your needs to help you to manage your performance or deal with an injury. 

Acupuncture: From weight loss to food cravings, smoking cessation and more, acupuncture can help you to take charge of those little niggling aspects of your otherwise optimal levels of health. With the option of weekly maintenance sessions, acupuncture is a therapy choice for you if you’re looking to tweak and optimize your health in any number of areas.

Are you ready to optimize your health to live better and age better?

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