Functional Medicine Approaches to Pain Issues


Functional Medicine Approaches to Pain

Did you know that the number of people living with chronic pain is greater than that of the number of people living with heart disease, diabetes and cancer combined? 

It means that billions of people suffer from pain each and every day of their lives. It’s no wonder the drug market for pain is booming and there is a wide-spread problem that can result in addiction with their overuse. 

Where Functional Medicine comes in, is in the question surrounding pain not being what, but why. 

When we ask why you’re in pain, we can begin to get to the underlying cause, instead of treating the symptom of pain itself. And so, to treat pain, we need to understand it. 

Pain is actually a signal used as a safety mechanism by the body. Think about a hot plate. Should you touch it, you immediately withdraw your hand and your brain says, Hot! Don’t touch!. At the same time, there is a cascade of events that takes place, which involves the immune system and various chemical reactions. These reactions are what cause you to react in the way you do to pain. And the stimulus doesn’t always have to be specific, it can come about as a result of changes in pressure, temperature or from a chemical change within the body. 

The trouble with pain, is that it can limit your ability to function optimally; this means that you may avoid moving, which believe it or not, can cause the problem to get worse and even increase the risk of adverse reactions that may affect other areas of your health. Pain causes limitations, which then cause further pain and complications; a vicious cycle that you may be all too familiar with. 

That’s why effective pain management is in addressing the root cause of the issue. You likely need to tackle your pain from various different angles using a holistic approach instead of a drug or pill. They may help in the short-term, but the correct treatment is necessary for the long-term management of your pain. 

As a means to address your pain, the following practitioners are available at Aches Away Toronto, to help:

Osteopathy: If you have chronic pain or an injury, even if you think it is a complex case, Osteopathy in Toronto is for you. Our treatment plans are geared towards pain-free living and lasting solutions to pain management. 

Massage therapy: This is a strong and effective treatment for pain relief, which includes pain due to physical trauma, physical activities and sport, or that arising from chronic conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia and autoimmune disorders. Get rid of those nagging aches and pains with the help of one of our highly skilled Toronto Registered Massage Therapists

Acupuncture: Whether your pain is acute or chronic, acupuncture can help. A theory that validates the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of pain is that it stimulates the body to release natural painkillers, which is only one of the reasons acupuncture may be the right treatment choice for your condition. 

Naturopathy: Pain may develop as a result of hormonal imbalances or chronic disease. Let Dr Jennah help you to find out what the underlying cause of your pain is and formulate a holistic treatment plan to ease your pain. 

Nutritional Therapy: A diet, rich in anti-inflammatory foods and nutrients can help to push the body’s pain systems into balance to allow you to better tolerate the pain you’re in. Diet can also play a critical role in how the body is able to repair and regenerate tissues following physical trauma. 

Counselling: Pain can result from trauma, let Stevie help you to uncover the underlying cause of your pain and whether it has manifested from an emotional or neurological issue.

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