Functional Medicine approaches to Stress and Chronic Fatigue

Stress Chronic Fatigue
Functional Medicine approach to Stress and Chronic Fatigue

Are you waking up in the morning, having been in bed for 7, 8, 9 or even 10 hours, but you feel like you have hardly even slept? Your energy in the morning is so low that you end up sleeping through several alarms until that very last minute where you have to then fly out of bed to make it to work, school or any other important appointment. 

In order to get through the morning, you rely on coffee and other stimulants that only feel like they start to kick in later in the morning when you have a little but sudden burst of energy… 

Believe it or not, you’re not alone in this daily battle with fluctuating or low levels of energy. And even more surprising is this fact: you don’t have to live life this way! 

There absolutely is something you can do to have abundant energy, from morning till night. How, you may ask? By figuring out what is sapping your energy in the first place. 

Here are the top four reasons:

  1. Your blood sugar is soaring and dipping throughout the day and night. 
  2. Your thyroid isn’t working as it should and your metabolic state is imbalances
  3. Your body has insufficient levels of the required nutrients it needs to function
  4. Your adrenal glands are not meeting the demands of the stress your body is under

In the always-switched-on society we live it, these are what cause the debilitating effects of chronic stress and fatigue. 

Get your energy back on track!

When a Functional Medicine approach is used, we begin to understand where the imbalances lie, so that your diet, hormone levels, exercise patterns and any other areas of dysfunction can be addressed, and you don’t have to continue going through life being told to simply breathe and get more sleep. 

At Aches Away Toronto, we recognize you as an individual, and know that a one-size-fits all approach to your care is of little benefit. We offer you a comprehensive approach to your stress and chronic fatigue and introduce you to the top practitioners at the clinic who can help you to get through to the root cause of your stress and fatigue, to help you identify what you need to do to bring your body systems back into balance. 

Naturopathy: Dr Jennah wants to help you to identify the underlying causes of your low energy and fatigue, and then support your body to self heal, without adding sugar, caffeine or energy drinks into the mix! Her treatment approach is about:

  1. Addressing nutrient deficiencies
  2. Suggesting botanical support for your mood
  3. Proposing natural supplements to provide the body with a balance of nutrients

Dr. Jennah wants to dig into your lifestyle habits to determine your overall quality of sleep, diet, and exercise routine and make further recommendations to improve them in an effort to boost your quality of life. She may require specific lab tests, that may help her to identify whether adrenal fatigue or an iron deficiency, for example, are at play in the cause of your condition, after which she can provide healthful natural approaches to address them and promote an abundant source of energy.

Counselling: As a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Stevie Atkins is well acquainted with the long- and short-term physical, emotional and traumatic experiences that can lead to stress and chronic fatigue. She has had many a client come in with overwhelming symptoms of stress where they feel like they just can’t keep up with life’s demands. She says, however, that stress is a normal response to both positive and negative life events, but it’s the way in which we deal with it that has the most significant impact on our physical and mental well-being. 

Not only can stress leave you with chronic fatigue, it’s one of the root causes of anxiety, sadness and issues related to sleeping, poor digestion and low productivity. 

As a mental health advocate, Stevie believes that optimum health is more than just physical health, she offers one-to-one counselling that incorporates the use of mindfulness-based techniques as a means to cope with the effects that stress may have on your wellbeing and quality of life. 

Nutritional Therapy: Stress and poor nutrition go hand-in-hand. When you’re stressed, the demand on your body increases, which, if you don’t provide the correct nutrients, may end up depleting some of the most essential compounds that your body needs to use to function. If you don’t replenish these lost nutrients through your diet, your whole health can suffer. And, when you replace those essential nutrients with those from sugar foods, caffeine-rich beverages, and fatty takeaways, it further stresses the body and reduces its ability to cope with the increased demands. 

From digestive disorders to depression, anxiety and more, if you’re not dealing with stress the right way, it can have a significant and devastating impact on many other areas of your health and your life. Simple nutritional interventions can play a significant role in balancing your hormones, and just by making sure you’re eating the right foods at regular intervals and taking care of sleep issues and mental health challenges you may face, you can help your body to be more resilient to stress and adapt to it in a better way when it does come about. 

It’s all about finding balance, and putting in place the steps to help you do so. Let our Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Vanessa Phillips, help you to find a diet that best suits you and your specific needs so that you may have the necessary tools you need to succeed! 

Acupuncture: Imagine a deep sense of relaxation. If you’re so stressed that you can’t think of a way to relax right now, you may need the help of Acupuncturist Kevin Joubert. Acupuncture has been well studied for its ability to regulate the nervous system, which can allow you to cope with stress better and help your find relief from the physical and mental challenges stress might bring. 

Your acupuncturist will design a personal approach to address the specific problems you may be facing when it comes to stress and fatigue. An open discussion about the areas you perceive you’re battling with is just one of the ways Kevin can focused his attention where you need it most. Stress reduction and deep relaxation through acupuncture can also help you to decrease stress-related muscle spasms and lessen pain.

Osteopathy: If you’re unable to control the stress in your life and you feel like the daily grind is getting you down, it’s time for a mindset change. Our highly skilled osteopaths are trained to be able to assess the impact stress is having on your life and providing you with a treatment plant to diminish these effects and help you take back control of your life; and enjoy it!

With our help your body can become more resilient to both short- and long-term effects. We can help to rewire your body to naturally balance out your nervous system in response to anything that life throws your way.

Massage Therapy: Symptoms of chronic fatigue and those relating to high levels of stress may be alleviated by massage therapy. It’s a particularly good option for CFS sufferers, as it works the muscles without having you do exercises that may exacerbate your fatigue. It can help to promote circulation and improve the delivery of nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to your entire body.

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