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Kevin Joubert

Registered Acupuncturist

Kevin Joubert’s focus within holistic treatments includes stress management, non-invasive treatment of migraines, aiding menstrual health and combating pain found in the back, neck or shoulders through appropriate massage techniques. Because of his own personal experience with holistic remedies, Kevin’s informed acupuncture practices offer healing to those who need it most.


Because he maintains a strong desire to create space for people to reconnect with their bodies, he creates an environment for his patients to decompress from their everyday stressors. He knows the benefits of offering natural healthcare options for maintaining optimal health from his own experience. Kevin shares, “I had a brilliant experience with an acupuncturist years ago. I was thoroughly impressed with the way they cared for me. They inquired about all aspects of my life and offered suggestions of how to care for myself outside of the treatment room.” He carries forth this holistic approach within his own treatments to help others the way he was cared for year earlier.


Kevin’s typical clients range in age from about 25 year old to 40-year-old professionals who are more often than not working very stressful, high pressure jobs and managing stressful lives. Even their enjoyable activities produce stress on their bodies–running, swimming, lifting–it all adds up. “My approach is holistic: looking at nutrition, stress management, sleep, activity levels and self care practices. I look to address not only the pressing issue at hand but bring light to the root cause of disease. My approach is etiologic rather than symptomatic,” says Kevin. It is in this manner, by examining the causes contributing to symptoms, that Kevin is able to clear pathways to health much more easily.


When asked about a time he felt the positive responses of his therapy he says, “Recently I worked with a young man who was experiencing panic attacks for the first time. He had been to the emergency room a couple of times and had various tests and scans – all pointing to ‘normal and healthy.’ Together, we used our time to discuss ways in which he could reconnect with his body: through meditation, breathwork, talk therapy and self care.”  Their sessions focused on taking the patient out of “fight or flight” mode and Kevin made several lifestyle suggestions that he could do outside of clinic to continue calming his nervous system. This allowed the patient to experience a real “aha” moment during their work together and this allowed him to manage his anxieties and stress without the panic. Through a partnership with Kevin, these moments of clarity can bring about transitions in your health you may otherwise ignore.


Kevin completed all requirements to earn his Acupuncture Therapy Diploma at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Academy of Toronto. He currently holds certifications in Facial Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Acupuncture, and TCM Dermatologic Acupuncture Physiotherapist Assistant through Trios College.


Not always an acupuncturist, Kevin earned a Business Admin diploma and a BA in Fashion Design. Kevin’s previous work life also included a role as an HR Advisor (Health and Wellness) in the federal government, but he then left that job to pursue acupuncture.

In terms of his current career path, Kevin says that his greatest challenge by far is informing the public to tell them what acupuncture is all about. “My training is in Chinese medicine lingo that can confuse the public and clients. So my job is to understand the concepts and theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its application and explain it in a way that is meaningful to my clients.”

Kevin recoups his energies by keeping an active lifestyle balanced by moments of solitude and reflection, “I love my yoga class, hip hop dance class, tennis, swimming. I have a daily meditation practice and I love taking long walks to nowhere in the city.” He loves to travel and shares that, “My partner and I prioritize experience over collecting things. Each year, we spend a month exploring the world: Australia, Thailand, Hawaii, St. Martins, Curacao. This year we will spend the holidays in Guadeloupe.” All this coming from a self professed “prairie boy from Saskatchewan. I am Métis and gay – so creating an inclusive, non-judgmental space at clinic is paramount to me.”

Come see what an inviting place the clinic is and how Kevin’s acupuncture therapies can help you find new health freedom.


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