Fully Personalized Instant Gift Certificates for Aches Away Toronto Services can be purchased online through our Gift Certificate Store.

They can be emailed directly to the recipient or;

They can be emailed to you and then printed or emailed at a later date by you.


Gift Card policy

* We accept 2 types of Gift Cards and Certificates:

1. Aches Away Toronto Gift Certificates

2. Yelp Deals and Gift Cards for Aches Away Toronto

(Sadly, We do not accept Way-Spa gift certificates any more)

* Gift cards are non-refundable and may range in expiry from 1 year to lifetime use. (The law for gift certificates not having expiry dates applies only to gift cards that have a dollar value as opposed to a service)

* The legal requirement for receipts when paying with Gift Certificates is as follows:

” When the gift certificate is redeemed, a receipt for the dollar amount of the gift certificate is not issued. If the recipient of the massage wishes to receive a receipt, the dollar amount listed must be “gift certificate redeemed” with no dollar amount given.” Read more


A great way to take care of your loved ones!

If you have family, friends or colleagues who are in need of some help with their health and could use a deep healing massage session, consider purchasing a gift certificate for them.

Simply click on the link below, pick the amount you wish to purchase, pay with your credit card or paypal and an e-gift certificate will be mailed to you instantly.

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