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S4a Naturopath for Low Energy

Fatigue Naturopath in Toronto Treating Low Energy and Sleep issues: 4 top causes

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Is there not enough coffee to get you through the day? Are you struggling to get out of bed in the morning?
Naturopath for Fatigue: Toronto Sleep Naturopath, Dr. Jennah Miller

Dr. Jennah uses lab testing to identify and then treat the underlying causes of your low energy and fatigue, while also ensuring a healthy foundation of sleep, diet, and exercise are in place, so you can feel energized all day long.

Whether you suspect you have adrenal fatigue, or your most recent lab work came back saying you’re iron deficient, Dr. Jennah can get your energy levels back on track. While proper restful and restorative sleep is the cornerstone of sustainable, all day energy, it’s not always the whole story.

When addressing low energy and fatigue, Dr. Jennah will help to support your sleep cycles first and foremost, ensuring that insomnia and sleep dysfunction is not an obstacle to achieving the energy levels you’ve always hoped for. If you feel like you’re never rested, regardless of how much sleep you’ve gotten the night before, or like you’re just always tired, it’s time to work with Dr. Jennah to get your energy back.

All day, sustainable energy is possible. You shouldn’t have to rely on coffee to get you through your day, and Dr. Jennah is here to tell you that brain fog, and your midday energy crash are on their way out. You deserve to feel great all day, and your energy levels should match that.

Don’t let your fatigue hold you back any longer.

Top 4 Causes for seeking Naturopathy for Low Energy:

  1. Nutrient Deficiencies and Fatigue
  2. Nutrition and Low Energy
  3. Stress and Fatigue
  4. Thyroid function and Low Energy

Nutrient Deficiencies and Fatigue

food guide chart with meat, vegetables and grains with the words Nutrients

Some of the leading nutrient deficiencies that Dr. Jennah will investigate for are: iron deficiency, B12 deficiency, and Vitamin D deficiency.

One of the leading causes of fatigue and low energy levels, actually has a lot to do with the fuel you’re putting in your body on a daily basis (and I’m not talking about coffee and energy drinks here). Specific nutrient deficiencies can impact the way our body functions, and make us feel tired day in and day out when our blood levels are not adequate. Some of the leading nutrient deficiencies that Dr. Jennah will investigate for are: iron deficiency, B12 deficiency, and Vitamin D deficiency.

These levels can be assessed easily and quickly, with the use of a simple blood test. It’s important to note that vegetarians, vegans, and menstruating women are at higher risk for some of these nutrient deficiencies than others. If you fall into one of these categories, and have been feeling your energy levels lacking, then you should consider working alongside a naturopathic doctor to optimize diet and nutrition. Find out more about Dr. Jennah’s naturopathic practice in downtown Toronto where she provides Naturopathy for Fertility, Sleep, Digestions, Hormones and Menstrual issues.

Nutrition and Low Energy

If you’ve already found out that your specific nutrient levels are adequate, then it’s time to look more into meal timing as well as energy and macronutrient intake. Our energy levels are closely linked to our blood glucose (a sugar that’s used as energy by the body) level fluctuations. If we’re eating at irregular times, or cramming in a quick bowl of sugary breakfast cereal before heading to work, then this is not setting us up for all day energy.

Ensuring that blood glucose levels remain relatively stable throughout the day can help our workplace warriors avoid that afternoon slump. If you notice that every afternoon you have to drag yourself to the coffee shop around 2pm, just to ensure you’ll survive until 5pm, then chances are your blood glucose levels are to blame. By eating a proper balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat, we can help to regulate these blood levels remain stable, and you keep brain fog, low energy, and fatigue at bay.

Stress and Fatigue

Stress. It originally kept us safe by teaching us how to run away from sabre tooth tigers, but in today’s day and age, it’s actually harming more than it’s helping. Our body secretes a
stress hormone called cortisol in response to chronic stress (things like workplace, personal, and financial stressors). When our levels of cortisol are constantly elevated, our body can no longer adapt as it used to, leading us to feel low energy, fatigue, and sometimes even anxiety. This is sometimes called adrenal fatigue, due to the fact that cortisol is produced and released by the adrenal glands. You may also have heard it termed as “burnout”. Herbal, acupuncture, and nutritional support are all ways in which Dr. Jennah will support your cortisol levels to help increase your energy and banish your fatigue for good.

Thyroid function and Low Energy

Thyroid drawing showing possible problems that may arise and Naturopathic Treatments for Thyroid dysfunction

By addressing an underlying under-active thyroid, energy levels tend to increase, weight loss becomes easier, and you start feeling great again.

Your thyroid is a small butterfly shaped gland that sits at the front of your throat, just beneath the chin. When your thyroid is under functioning, it may result in symptoms of low energy, fatigue, cold hands and feet, as well as consistent weight gain (without any changes to diet and exercise). Dr. Jennah first addresses this cause of low energy and fatigue, by running blood work to assess your current level of thyroid function. If she finds that you have hypothyroidism (under functioning thyroid, which results in high levels of a hormone called TSH), then you will work together to come up with a comprehensive herbal, nutritional, and dietary treatment plan to help bring your thyroid function back to normal.

By addressing an underlying under-active thyroid, energy levels tend to increase, weight loss becomes easier, and you start feeling great again.

How to Treat Fatigue Naturally

You can start your journey to getting your energy back, by working with Dr. Jennah. She offers free 15 minute meet and greet appointments to all new patients. This appointment
option is a great way for you to discuss your health goals and concerns with Dr. Jennah, and decide if you would be a good fit in working together.

She has a special interested in women’s health concerns,
and enjoys treating everything from low energy and fatigue, to painful periods and pre-menstrual syndrome. She believes that your healthcare should be as unique as you are.

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