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Guide to Naturopathy for Pre-conception and Infertility. How can it help?  

Whether you’re just starting out and looking for pre-conception support, or conceiving has been more difficult than expected, Dr. Jennah is here to help. Fertility and conception can feel like an uphill battle, but with naturopathic tools and support, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Whether you’re doing this journey solo or with a partner, Dr. Jennah would love to offer her support and guidance. From trouble-shooting your fertile window, figuring out the mystery of IVF, and pre-post transfer acupuncture, she can help you in whichever way you see fit. 

Dr. Jennah has experience in treating a wide variety of fertility related concerns. She is more than happy to be a part of your healthcare team, and is comfortable working in a collaborative care setting alongside your current fertility clinic. She has added training and education in naturopathic fertility treatment, and knows exactly what natural treatments are safe to use during your medicated or natural cycle, depending on your specific case.  You can find out more about Dr. Jennah’s background and training in fertility by reading further here.

Some of the fertility related concerns that Dr. Jennah has experience and success in treating are:

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Diminished Ovarian Reserve
  • Egg quality issues
  • Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI)
  • Luteal Phase Defect
  • Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Sperm quality issues and male factor infertility

Endocrine Disrupting Compounds and Fertility

Endocrine disrupting compounds (EDC’s) play a huge role in optimal fertility status in both men and women, and avoiding them is absolutely key in any naturopathic fertility treatment. EDC’s are incredibly common in things like plastic food containers, to-go coffee cups, some conventional produce, cleaning products, and makeup. Our exposure to these hormone misbalancing compounds happen on a daily basis, and can negatively impact egg quality and sperm health.

Endocrine disruptors tend to act like our body’s own naturally produced estrogen, but they preferentially bind to our hormone receptors and exert a much stronger estrogenic effect on the body. This can lead to hormonal imbalances, excessive estrogen, and negative effects on periods, fertility, endometriosis, and overall hormone balance. Dr. Jennah works closely with her patients to identify areas in which they can reduce EDC exposure in their every day life, and improve their chances of conception as a result.

Natural Pre-Conception Support

For those who are looking to prepare for future pregnancy, pre-conception support is an ideal way to start your journey into naturopathic medicine. It takes approximately three months for an egg to completely mature, and as a result, you should consider all of your current health habits in the three months leading up to your ideal time of conception. Dr. Jennah can guide you on what you should be eating, what supplements you should be taking, and a variety of important lifestyle factors to help prepare both your mind and body for pregnancy.

Alongside diet and lifestyle counselling, Dr. Jennah may also suggest added laboratory testing to assess current vitamin, mineral, and/or hormone status. This helps to identify any areas for improvement, or any specific blood values that may impact your ability to conceive. If needed, Dr. Jennah will also teach you how to properly track you menstrual cycles, and identify your fertile window for optimal chances of conception.

Acupuncture and Fertility

Acupuncture has been well researched for its use in regulating menstrual cycles and supporting fertility.  If you have PCOS, luteal phase defect, or irregular cycles, regular acupuncture treatments can be used to regulate menses and ovulation to assist in timed intercourse. It can also be used leading up to IVF, ICSI, or cycle monitoring to help support endometrial lining thickness, and implantation.

Acupuncture treatment may also be used pre and post IVF embryo transfer to help support implantation, and improve IVF success rates. Dr. Jennah is able to travel to fertility clinics in the Toronto area and provide this type of acupuncture treatment for both new and pre-exiting patients undergoing fertility treatments. To find out more about how acupuncture can be a helpful addition to your fertility treatments, book a free 15 minute consult with Dr. Jennah.

Egg Quality and Fertility

Egg quality plays an important role in the ability to produce a healthy, viable embryo. Fertility treatment in women aged 35 and over, as well as in women with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) is largely focused on improving egg quality. Dr. Jennah can assess ovarian reserve (which is the best laboratory marker we have of egg quality) by performing a blood test of your Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) levels.

Whatever your AMH levels, Dr. Jennah can work with you to improve your egg quality via dietary, lifestyle, and nutritional supplementation support. Dr. Jennah has a highly evidence based approach to addressing egg quality, and will ensure that you have a supplement regimen that has been backed by the research and will be approved of by any fertility clinic that you might work alongside.

Thyroid Health and Fertility

As a key marker of fertility, Dr. Jennah will often check your thyroid function as part of an initial work-up. In women who have an over or under functioning thyroid gland, conception and healthy pregnancy can be more difficult to achieve. By performing blood work to assess thyroid status early on in your fertility journey, Dr. Jennah can use a variety of naturopathic treatments to help manage your thyroid hormone levels. If you suffer from recurrent pregnancy loss and miscarriage or suspect that your inability to conceive may be due to hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism, then testing with Dr. Jennah should be your first step.

Ideal TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) levels should be less than 2.5 mU/L when trying to get pregnant, although many women are not treated conventionally until they’re TSH is far above 5.0. Naturopathic treatment of thyroid concerns will take your fertility considerations into account, and treat to ensure your thyroid hormones are working for you and not against you.

Treat Infertility Naturally

You can start your natural fertility journey by working with Dr. Jennah. She offers free 15 minute meet and greet appointments to all new patients. This appointment option is a great way for you to discuss your health goals and concerns with Dr. Jennah, and decide if you would be a good fit in working together.

For those who are ready to dive into their first appointment, Dr. Jennah offers a 60 minute Initial Intake Appointments.

She has a special interest in women’s health concerns, and enjoys treating everything from low energy and fatigue, to painful periods and pre-menstrual syndrome. She believes that your healthcare should be as unique as you are.

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