Rolfing Structural Integration

What is Rolfing Structural Integration?

Rolf Structural Integration is a method of connective tissue work created by Dr. Ida P. Rolf in the 1950s. The method re balances your body with gravity, helping you become longer, straighter, and stronger. Structural Integration is not a therapy, rather it is a form of body education.
Connective tissues are highly changeable – they are plastic. By using a slow, direct pressure on the tissues, habitual body holding patterns can be released and unwound, restoring the natural, balanced pattern. Each of the ten sessions has a series of structural goals, bringing more length and balance to different regions functions of the body. As the sessions proceed, the body releases tension area by area, session by session, and a more balanced pattern emerges.
People report feeling lighter and having more energy, and being less prone to accumulated stress. This is because when the body is balanced with gravity, there is less weight pulling down on the structure so one’s energy is freed up for more creative use.

Presently, Aches Away Toronto does not have a Rolfer on Staff.  Please visit the Rolf Institute to find a Rolfer near you. 

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