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Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Vanessa's approach to improving your Nutrition

Vanessa Phillips


Nutritional Therapist at
Aches Away Toronto

Vanessa focuses on 3 main aspects of your Nutritional journey

Troubleshooting Digestive Issues

Unfortunately, many therapies for a number of ailments only offer a band-aid approach, essentially covering or masking the symptoms of underlying cause of the condition. Because of her background in using the Functional Medicine Model, Vanessa can help you to identify where your problems may have started and, more importantly why. The why is the trigger, and when you find out what triggers your ill health, you can put measures in place to stop it. The way nutrition works in this case is to provide the body with the support it needs from the inside to manage the processes required to halt these triggers.

Beyond Symptom Management

It goes far beyond symptom management, and even though you would see a nutritional therapist for help with digestive issues, for example, it is necessary to determine what the cause of those issues are, whether they are stress related, due to a lack of certain nutrients, or even as a result in imbalances in your gut bacteria. No matter what it is that ails you, there is a nutritional solution! With interventions ranging from therapeutic diets for IBS, histamine intolerance, or autoimmunity, supplementation advice to ensure you are getting the right quality and amount of nutrients, to making better food choices overall, nutritional therapy can have a significant impact on everyone’s lives, improve their health profile and even ameliorate their risk of disease.

Neuro Linguistic Programming



Vanessa is also skilled in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and always starts her sessions off with a goal-setting exercise to ensure both you and your practitioner know exactly what you want to achieve following the consultations. Throughout the session, your goals will be reiterated numerous times as a means to prime the brain to the processes involved in achieving them. Below is an example of how goals, or well-formed outcomes, are made:

During your session with Vanessa, she will use her extensive training in analysing and interpreting a person’s diet, to help you to determine the link between imbalances in your body that lead to ill health and how they relate to imbalances in your diet.

At the core of Vanessa’s belief is the essential role nutrition plays in every aspect of a person’s health.

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